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Consumption Methodology for Breastfeeding/nursing Mummies

for nursing mummies

calories intake


lactogenic foods Consumption Methodology for Breastfeeding/nursing Mummies



plant based protein from nuts Consumption Methodology for Breastfeeding/nursing Mummies


Fluids Consumption Methodology for Breastfeeding/nursing Mummies

What is 2NUTGUYS BoostMyMilk Series?


2NUTGUYS BoostMyMilk Series is a list of curated products to help mummies to boost the supply and quality of breast milk. Mummies have experienced positive outcomes, please see Mummies’ testimonials.

  I see 30-50 ml increase on each side. I usually get 100-120 ml on left, 150 ml on right on a 30 minutes pump session. Jasmine   I have been happy with the results thus far. I am such an under supplier, previously only able to pump out maximum 40-50 ml (both sides combine). But recently there’s a total increase of 20-40 ml each pump session. Maximum is 90ml. Slowly but surely seeing the progress. Rasyiqah   Love 2NG Almom Milk & Nutmond Butter. Not only helps increase and thicken my supply, it’s super tasty as well. Definitely will purchase again. Karen


mummy's nutmond butter

roasted almom milk

mummy's walnuts

naked nutmond butter

caramelised walnut

Recommended Serving Per Day:

2NUTGUYS products are functional foods. You can consume as and when you deem as required, we are not medication. For mummies who pay attention to calorie consumption, you may plan your meals using the calorie information we have provided. You need additional energy to breastfeed/nurse your baby, however excess calories will be stored as fats.

 1 Consumption Methodology for Breastfeeding/nursing Mummies

Secondly, understand the amount of breastmilk you would like to produce (let’s call it the “required amount”). If you are way below the required amount, you may consider consuming more than what we have recommended. Once you have increased the level of your breast milk, you can regulate the intake accordingly.

Our Roasted Almom Milk has a high viscosity, it is produced this way intentionally. Our recipe has a high almond to water ratio (we could not disclose as it is part of our recipe) while most off-the shelf almond milk has only 2-3% almond, hence it has high viscosity.

Almonds are galactagogues. We do not recommend you to dilute the Roasted Almom Milk. By diluting it, it means you are consuming lesser galactagogues, which makes it less effective.

how do i store the products?

2 Consumption Methodology for Breastfeeding/nursing Mummies

Written by Wong  Hui Xin who is an accredited dietitian of Singapore. Hui Xin has more than 10 years of clinical experience working in various hospitals. She has outstanding dietetic knowledge in specific clinical areas including weight management, diabetes, rehabilitation, cancer, kidney disease, and digestive issues in adults.

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