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2NUTGUYS is the pioneer in lactation nut butter and nut products. A recipe co-created with mummies and loved by mummies. More than 40% of mummies have experienced increase in milk supply and enhancement in milk quality!
We are on our mission to provide mummies with healthy and tasty lactation-boosting nut products.
We envision 2NUTGUYS to be the go-to brand for all nursing mummies & their loved ones. 

Rectangle 120 About 2NUTGUYS

This is how it begins….

Chee Leong, a father of one, recalled one of his most joyous moments but also his most useless and helpless moment in life – the birth of his son. He witnessed how challenging breastfeeding was if the mummy is not blessed with a decent amount of milk supply. In short, it was the “darkest period” of Chee Leong’s spouse. And as a father, he was of no help. Uselessness was all he felt. And that uselessness has transformed into the inspiration of 2NUTGUYS. We want to help mummies to solve the lactation problems.

We found and surveyed 30 mummies who are facing lactation problems. All of them were consuming lactation cookies as part of their lactation diet, many of them were experiencing weight gain coming from the high fat and sugar content of the lactation cookies.

On top of that, the mummies were bored and had enough of the cookies. They wanted something different.

We decided to co-create the product with the mummies. We repeatedly researched and gathered feedback. We finally nailed it in our 7th attempt. We finally co-created a recipe by mummies for mummies.

In the co-creation process, mummies have experienced increase in milk supply and enhancement in milk quality. 100% of them loved the products. They can spread the Mummy’s Nutmond Butter on their toast, add it to their overnight oats and yogurt, and even eat it on its own. The Mummy’s Walnuts became their snack and go-to item to give them a boost before they latch or pump.