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Janice’s Breastfeeding Journey with 2NutGuys

Featured image blog post 1 Janice’s Breastfeeding Journey with 2NutGuys

Meet Janice, a first-time mom, and a dedicated full-time working professional overseeing airport operations. Her adorable baby boy turned 14 months old last month. Juggling the demands of motherhood and a demanding career, Janice faced challenges in maintaining her breastmilk supply after returning to work.

Before starting on her journey to search for solutions, Janice navigated the ups and downs of breastfeeding. Despite having a decent milk stash before returning to work, the return of her menstrual cycle and increased stress levels negatively impacted her milk supply. 

She first tried to find alternatives to boost her lactation efforts such as trying lactation cookies upon the advice of friends. Although they were tasty, unfortunately they left her feeling “heaty” and affected her throat. The results were not as significant as she had hoped, prompting her to explore other options.

However, she stumbled upon 2NutGuys through Instagram and Facebook, where Roasted Almom Milk caught her attention. Intrigued by the idea of an easier-to-consume lactogenic option, she decided to try 2NutGuys products. The variety made the experience enjoyable, and the positive impact on her milk supply was evident after just two pumping sessions. She said, “It’s so satisfying to see the difference!”

Since her first order in May 2023, She explored the entire range of 2NutGuys products – literally everything! Her top three favourites are Roasted Almom Milk, Mummy’s Gelato, and Mummy’s Nutmond Butter—which stood out for their taste and effectiveness. 

Fast forward to today,  Janice has made 2NG products a regular part of her routine and managed to achieve the best effectiveness by following  2NutGuys Consumption Methodology. There was noticeable improvement in her breastfeeding experience, with her output increasing from an average of 220-240 ml to 280-300 ml per session. 

Janices yield Janice’s Breastfeeding Journey with 2NutGuys
@jjanicetsy5 Janice’s Breastfeeding Journey with 2NutGuys

Janice shared that her happiest moment was not just the increased milk output but the higher fat content that kept her baby satisfied. No more wasted breastmilk, and the satisfaction of knowing her baby received all the nourishment he needed. Beyond her own breastfeeding experience, she found joy in recommending 2NutGuys to moms seeking reliable lactation support.

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Working in airport operations poses its challenges, especially with the dynamic nature of the job. Expressing milk on time becomes a challenge amidst meetings and operational tasks. Yet, Janice tackles these obstacles with unwavering determination. And she has encouragement words for fellow moms:

“Embrace your breastfeeding journey, with all its ups and downs. It’s a beautiful, challenging adventure that’s incredibly rewarding. Remember, it’s more than just the tough moments. It’s about building immunity for your precious baby and nurturing a bond like no other.” – Janice

Featured image blog post 1 Janice’s Breastfeeding Journey with 2NutGuys

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