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I’m maya, this is my story

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On April 23rd, 2023, which happened to be the 2nd day of Hari Raya, life had a surprising turn in store for Izznur. Amid thoughts of delightful Hari Raya treats and the excitement of connecting with family and friends, little did Izznur anticipate that the day would unfold so differently.

Sharing joyful moments with her dear family, the clock neared 2pm and an unexpected unease settled within Izznur. It felt oddly familiar, almost like the discomfort of constipation. But as moments passed, that discomfort transformed into an intense tightness in Izznur’s tummy. Concerned, Izznur’s family acted swiftly and rushed her to KK Hospital.

Inside the hospital, her journey took a dramatic turn. Her cervix had already dilated over 5cm, a situation quickly recognized by the attending doctor. With a placental rupture identified, she found herself being guided into the delivery suite, where a natural birth was imminent. Her mind was a whirlwind, struggling to comprehend the swift changes. She remembered the vibrant colours of her Hari Raya attire and her carefully applied makeup as she stood in that delivery suite, whispering words of comfort to herself, seeking solace in the midst of uncertainty.

But she wasn’t alone in this rollercoaster of emotions. Her husband, too, grappled with his own anxiety. Panic set in as he realised the absence of milk bottles, baby essentials, and more at home. He reached out to anyone he could think of, desperate to find guidance in those uncertain moments.

Amidst the chaos of anxiety, a wave of joy began to rise. And so, on the quiet morning of April 24th, 2023, at 2 am, little Maya entered the world. Born at only 30 weeks, she weighed a mere 1.47kg, an embodiment of strength and possibility.

Baby in tubes I'm maya, this is my story
first time carrying Maya I'm maya, this is my story

The road ahead was far from smooth. Maya’s first moments were nurtured by donated breast milk from the hospital, as Izznur’s own colostrum arrived three days later, lasting just five days. It wasn’t just a physical struggle but a mental one as well. Guilt gnawed at her for not being able to provide enough nourishment, as she produced merely 40ml from both breasts in each session.

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In the midst of these challenges, 2NUTGUYS was so glad to be part of Maya’s journey. As part of reinvesting back to mummies’ lives, we sent Izznur a range of our BoostMyMilk series which made a transformative difference. With every passing day, her milk supply swelled – from 30ml to 70ml to 120ml per session, and finally, a remarkable 160-170ml per session by end June. Her background in food science guided her, as she embraced the power of nutritious food. Her morning ritual boasted oats, almond milk, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, and brewers’ yeast.

As the the days went by, Maya transformed into an adoring picture of health, a testament to Izznur’s unwavering determination and openness to welcome 2NUTGUYS on her journey. Three months of breast milk nourishment brought Maya’s weight to a hearty 3.8kg, a welcomed result from growth, resilience, and love their family embarked on together.

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