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Nicole Chew

Super duper gao almond milk. Felt like I was drinking almond butter. 10/10 would recommend.

Gwendolin Mah

Thank you so much! It’s absolutely nutty and wholesome, no added sugar, all-natural goodness!


It works for me, cos my breast milk is drained very fast through latching my baby. And becos I don’t pump milk frequently (once or twice) so not to overstore them in the freezer. But at least the Roasted Almom Milk works a month or so ago, so I got it again.

Sheryl Sim

This Roasted Almom Milk is the ABSOLUTE BOMB in giving my supply a boost. And I really love how the ingredients in there are all natural with no added sugar. Just almonds, water, medjool dates, and a dash of salt. The resulting flavour is the perfect marriage between sweet and savoury. I can enjoy them without guilt!

Pheuron Tay

I do find my milk supply usually increases by about 20-30ml each pump after following their recommended consumption for 1 full day!

Cat — verified owner

Found out about 2nutguys from Instagram. I have been drinking the Almom Milk for over 2 weeks and can happily say that it does increase the quantity and quality of my breastmilk. I started with very low milk supply, having to supplement my baby’s feeds with formula, but now I have enough supply to sustain what my baby needs, only needing the very occasional formula feed for him. Other than that, I am also glad to have the Almom milk as a quick drink to keep me going when I am hungry, like early in the morning or late at night when I need to feed baby.

Angeline Ang

Satisfying results after 2 days! I was pumping at 190-210ml each session. After taking the Roasted Almom Milk and Mummy’s Nutmond Butter, I definitely see results – 250-280ml each session. Furthermore, I do see an improvement in my milk quality. The taste of the product is very flavourful and definitely tasty.

Victoria Sam

I was rather skeptical about it but got extra 20ml each side from my usual pump! Also, it’s oh sooooo tasty. Gonna try and stock up before I start weaning.


Thick creamy almond milk that I devoured boosted my supply the most—coming back for more to cope with these growth spurts and cluster feeds.


My daily booster now! Usual 120ml can now increase to 160ml and more!


My supply is coming back pretty fast after having clogged ducts for 2 days. Think 2nutguys Roasted Almom Milk is working pretty well for me! I’ve been drinking about 100 – 150ml each time, not the full bottle at 1 go.


Ordered these right after I tested their products during the Baby Expo. Super love the consistency of the drink and butter. Plus it’s not too sweet for me.


Your Almom milk was SO delicious! I feel my baby every hour so I have no chance to pump and see all the milky goodness but he’s been happily feeding and fattening up so I gotta give it to the milk too.


Finally found my milk booster! I tried almost everything and nothing worked. Almost gave up trying to find a booster, but so glad that I decided to give it a try after tasting it at Mummy’s Market. Now I can faster build up my stash so that my baby has enough when I RTO!

Jamie Lee

I love the Almom milk so much! My output has definitely increased by at least 50% and this is just in one day!

Felice Tan

Ordered my favourite almond milk again! Thanks 2nutguys for creating such wonderful products for mummies!


I’m able to maintain my supply with 2nutguys. Only 150-200ml each time, give me an extra boost.


Started this to increase my supply, now it’s to boost the quality of milk. Quantity and quality assured!!!


Tried out 2nutguys products after hearing some review from the mummies! The Almond milk is creamy and smooth. My pump increases about 100ml in total after consuming for 2 days.


Ordered these right after I tested their products during the recent Baby Expo. Super love the consistency of the drink and butter. Plus it’s not too sweet for me.


Paired this milk with oats and banana as my daily breakfast. Helped to maintain my supply! Highly recommended :))


Consumed this together with oats and bananas for my daily breakfast. So tasty and definitely has helped to maintain my supply for my newborn. Highly recommended!

Hui Jia — verified owner

I love how thick and creamy the almom milk is. I’m glad how I can indulge in it without worrying about whether I’m consuming too much sugar as compared to when I’m having other lactation cookies. Will definitely recommend it to nursing mummies. To be honest, even if I’m not nursing, I would get it too as it tastes so good!


Just when i was so sick of snacking on lactation cookies i was introduced to 2nutguys. So glad to have found this much healthier choice of milk booster. Supply increase about 25%-30%

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