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Tiny but mighty! Relying on these little walnuts to sustain until I wean. This is the easiest to pack on the go!


I have been munching Mummy’s Nutmond Butter and Mummy’s Walnuts for about a week now. It’s such a game-changer! Snacking on these Mummy’s Walnuts are definitely much healthier than cookies and the Nutmond Butter spread is just so yummy. I know my breastmilk is now packed with healthy fats because the hindmilk is so much thicker.

Jenny Tay

I didn’t think much of Mummy’s Walnuts until I tasted it. It’s mildly peppery and very tasty. Seriously, your products are not just a milk booster. You guys nail it on the taste for both the nutmond butter and the walnut. We can snack on these anytime. Love it!


It’s damn freaking good! I noticed a slight increase of 15ml in milk supply for my next pump, which was about 2 hours later.

Elvina Chandra

Been trying a lot milk booster before I meet 2nutguys, like cookies but it’s so nasty. So happy I found the one that can help boost and delicious!


These Mummy’s Waænuts are my fave snack while pumping! 70ml in 50 hours. Yayy!!


I got 120ml during this morning’s pump. Thanks to the combination of Mummy’s Walnuts and 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Amira Elis

It’s actually very yummy and helps to boost my boob milk.

Pamela Tan

My baby strongly approves of the Mummy’s Walnut!!

Mummys Walnuts 1 Mummy's Walnut

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