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Yay managed to get my milk supply up today after 2nutguys Naked Nutmond Butter, rest and lots of water.


My bm is definitely creamier these days! Yayy all thanks to 2nutguys!


2nutguys products are not just for mummies. You can enjoy them as a family! Naked Nutmond Butter is our favourite! We have it with plain crackers or bread or with overnight oats.


I particularly love the Naked Nutmond Butter which has no salt and sugar, making it suitable for toddlers too!

Jolene Ruth

Have tried it out for a couple of days, while it did not boost my supply much, it has definitely improved my milk quality, making it creamier and thicker.


Being an oversupply mama, I was binging on the Naked Nutmond Butter before birth and because it was low in calories, no sugar, no MSG, no artificial colouring and no preservatives. I could enjoy it guilt-free!

Adelyne Velvet

Thank you for the lactation nutmond butter spread! My baby says YAY for more breastmilk tonight! Yummy spread that’s perfect!

Naked NB Naked Nutmond Butter

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