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KELVIN PREM THOMAS — verified owner

Good lactational support product

Indra — verified owner

Yummy and nutritious ! The nut butter is really rich and of good quality. Will definitely recommend to other mummies (or non mummies) to give it a go!

Indra — verified owner

Yummy and nutritious ! The nut butter is really rich and of good quality. Thank you for creating such a boost to mummies, both in nutrition and in morale!


I tried your products for the first time – the almond milk and nut butter – and usually I get about 4oz from both sides after 30 mins of pumping but today I managed to get 8oz after just 20 mins!!! Love your products! And definitely helped a lot! Thanks guys!

Anna — verified owner

My little one is allergic to cow’s milk and eggs, so I’ve to cut all these from my diet while maintaining my supply. It’s so hard to find vegan options with great taste! I’m so glad I’ve found this!

Kat Salanio

Never in my entire life did I finish a bottle of spread alone until this one – this is way too good guys! Also managed to track my output since I started and since taking this Mummy’s nutmond butter. My output increased by 20ml. That’s just in 1 week! Hihi yes, I finished the bottle in a week haha.


The nutmond butter is so good! Lazy to toast bread, actually we have no bread so just ate 2 spoons! Hubbs like it too. Thanks you 2nutguys and the journey begins!!


My nightly ritual is with Nutmond Butter with a toast to keep my milk supply up. So awesome to find a milk booster that is addictively yummy & healthy. Best nut butter I’ve tried!

Shermeen Tan

I liked the nuttiness of the nutmond butter. It’s like a nut-“gao” (intense/thick). After experimenting, I preferred it best on provence/four leaves wholemeal sliced bread instead of sourdough.

Oli — verified owner

I eat one nutmum butter toast every morning and I see visibly creamier milk!

Jesline — verified owner

Absolutely in love with this! I loved Almond butter for a long time. But the Mummy’s Nutmond Butter from 2nutguys not just tastes better than others on the stores, and is also a milk booster! My hindmilk became so much creamier than before just a day or 2 of consuming this. It goes well with everything! I will definitely buy it again.

Jovia — verified owner

Within the first few days could already see the improvement of my output. I don’t like peanut butter but I absolutely love this!! I could eat it just like that with a spoon

Diana Tan

My bm is definitely more creamy now after consuming them.


I have been munching Mummy’s Nutmond Butter and Mummy’s Walnuts for about a week now. It’s such a game-changer! Snacking on these Mummy’s Walnuts are definitely much healthier than cookies and the Nutmond Butter spread is just so yummy. I know my breastmilk is now packed with healthy fats because the hindmilk is so much thicker.


My nutmond butter is almost finishing! And I’m already thinking of replenishing. It is absolutely one of the best nutty butter I’ve tasted – I’m not kidding, very frank and honest review. Noticed that my milk supply has increased from an average of 140ml previously, to my current range of between 160-180ml (even 190ml on good days like today!).

Jenny Tay

This Mummy’s Nutmond Butter is crazily good. It works as a lactation milk booster but my hubby loves it too! It’s creamy, nutty, and very tasty. Definitely not a product just for mummies. Goes very well with toast, fruits and oats!


Very happy with my milk supply after eating Mummy’s Nutmond Butter. Highly recommended! Amongst other things, it’s so delicious!


The effects of taking the Mummy’s Nutmond Butter – Creamy breastmilk!! I haven’t even gone up to the recommended frequency to eat the butters and nuts!

Elvina Chandra

It really help me to boost my quality and quantity of supply and not only for mothers, even not lactation person also can eat it too.


Mummy’s Nutmond Butter prolly contributed to like 25% output increase as compared to usual pumps. And Chee Leong was very kind previously to remind me not to feel pressured by his query if it actually helps me coz stress reduces output haha

Gina Cheong

OMG It’s damn good! Very creamy, slightly savoury and also sweet but not overly sweet. Perfect to pair with white bread! Tried their Mummy’s Walnuts also. Super tasty! Wasn’t expecting it to be so seasoned, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find it flavourful! Great snack to accompany me while I work as a cow. Best part is that it’s supposed to help boost milk supply.


Super creamy and fragrant almond butter with all the good things to boost milk supply! I actually did feel my boobs were much fuller than usual on the days I eat this!


It made my milk super thick!!! I couldn’t pour milk out properly haha


I’m super in love with the nut butter that I need to have it for breakfast every day!!!! Finishing my jar already lol.

Shin Kay

I really like the texture, which is thick yet smooth. It also has this nice natural almond aroma. Not sweet or salty and the taste is good! Great to go with bread. I’ll add it to my smoothie after my confinement!

Jasmine K

2nutguys lending that ever-needed boost to full-time working breastfeeding mummies like me!


I’ve never pumped this much before! But recently I included Mummy’s Nutmond Butte rin my diet and it does seem to be working for me.

Nurfahanah Jasni

Yayy!! So happy to receive my order this morning! 2nd time ordering. This time I’m gonna try the gelato. The Mummy’s Nutmond Butter I usually mix in warm milk for breakfast or for teatime and sometimes I spread it on a piece of bread for snack in between feeds. It sure helps boost my milk supply.

Christabel — verified owner

The nutmond butter is DELICIOUS. Way more delicious than I expected it to be. Delicious and can increase supply. Win win for mummies! 🙂

Cat — verified owner

I love the mummy’s nutmond butter, I have it on toast or with my oatmeal every morning, which I always look forward to having. My mother and husband also love it and will ‘steal’ some everyday lol!!

I am a very happy customer and will definitely keep ordering from 2nutguys and will recommend to my other breastfeeding mummy friends too.

LS — verified owner

Mummy’s nutmond butter is really dope! Its my everyday breakfast for 2 months already. It’s less guilt-free compared to eating other spread. My breast milk has definitely increased 40-60ml more and got alot creamier too!


Because I am direct latching 99% of the time, it is pretty hard to gauge if milk boosters work for me. After taking Nutmond Butter, I do notice that baby seems to last longer in between feeds. I used to have only 20% creamy fat layer in previous pumps before I started Nutmond Butter. I am a faithful convert of 2nutguys.

Angeline Ang

Satisfying results after 2 days! I was pumping at 190-210ml each session. After taking the Roasted Almom Milk and Mummy’s Nutmond Butter, I definitely see results – 250-280ml each session. Furthermore, I do see an improvement in my milk quality. The taste of the product is very flavourful and definitely tasty.

Victoria Sam

I was rather skeptical about it but got extra 20ml each side from my usual pump! Also, it’s oh sooooo tasty. Gonna try and stock up before I start weaning.

Karen Lim

Can’t wait for Sunday to come. Almost out!! It helped to thicken & slightly increase my breastmilk.

Adelene Stanley

Been averaging 90-110ml each pump session but I just managed to get 200ml in my last session.

Elis Ong

I’ve been struggling to keep up with my baby’s increased feeding due to his jaundice. But thanks to Nutmond Butter from 2nutguys. I managed to accumulate a stash in just 4 days.

Li Fen Tan

Love the Mummy’s Nutmond Butter! Yummy and helps to boost BM and makes it creamy. Their sugar-free version is yummy too.


I eat it before pumping. It’s really yummy! Not increase much but the milk is super very thick.


Ordered these right after I tested their products during the Baby Expo. Super love the consistency of the drink and butter. Plus it’s not too sweet for me.


Your products worked for me! I add a tablespoon of the Nutmond Butter to my overnight oats and it gives me a milk boost for the rest of the day. It’s also my fav out of the Best of 3 World combo that I ordered. My fridge is filling up. My supply is always just barely for my boy but now I’m excited that I finally might be able to build a freezer stash.


My favorite out of all their products! Have been eating bread with this spread since day 1 of my confinement. Nope, not tired/bored of eating this haha. Finished the small one, and just bought the 500g one

lavanyakarthikeyan1 — verified owner

Delicious nutmond butter! Even my 2 year old loves it and my husband says this is better than chocolate fondue – strawberries dipped in nutmond butter is his new favourite snack. You won’t regret getting the 500g bottle – it won’t last the 4 weeks because it’s so tasty! This is a savior when I get hunger pangs after breastfeeding

Lavanya Karthikeyan — verified owner

This nut butter is amazing. Even my 2 year old loves it, and my husband says it tastes better than chocolate fondue (strawberries dipped in nutmond butter is now his new favourite snack)! You won’t regret getting the 500g bottle – it definitely won’t last 4 weeks, given how tasty it is!


I’ve been starting my day off with a spoonful of Mummy’s Nutmond Butter. The consistency is rich and has little crunch bits. It has been 2 weeks so far and I’ve noticed my baby sleeps in a wee bit more during the day and I get to complete other tasks during his “extended sleeps”


Love their products! Nutmond butter is my ultimate fav. Was searching for good lactation goodies to boost my supply as I started working again. Have been trying this out for a month by eating nutmond butter for breakfast. Even with a busy day, my supply is always more than enough. Great job guys!! Thank you for making pumping life a little easier :’)


Love the taste of Mummy’s Nutmond Butter! It tastes so good and boosts milk supply without the worry of gaining weight.


Loving this! I dislike nuts but this combi is so damn good! And it increases my supply too.

Andrea Sim

I am thankful to be able to build a stash and bless to a mummy whose child is in the hospital. Thank you for your amazing products!

Ian Chong

I am not breastfeeding but 2nutguys nut butter and gelato no joke. Awesome chef experience guys!

Jaime Lee

Best almond nut butter – I put it in our oatmeal for a nourishing breakfast.


This nut spread is just soooo good!


It’s soooo good but I only allow myself to have this once every few days because it adds on to my oversupply and originally fatty milk.


i love how rich the taste of the nutmond butter is, and i don’t have to feel guilty about it because there’s no weight gain! it helped improve the quality of my breastmilk, making it less diluted!


Compared to the almom milk (which also does wonders), my first jar finished within a week and I find myself enjoying this with bread and eating it religiously everyday. Since eating this, my baby has been sleeping longer after feeds and that itself is a win!

May — verified owner

I really love the nutmond butter! It’s so yummy, I finished it in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend this product. I think I would keep on buying it after I finish breastfeeding.


I love this Nutmond Butter! Literally the best!

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