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The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin

Untitled design 12 The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin

This is the incredible story of our dear friend Jolin, who faced the tremendous challenge of delivering a premature baby. We stood witness to her arduous and emotional journey, a testament to her unwavering tenacity and courage in overcoming one obstacle after another. It is a story that truly honors the boundless power of a mother’s love.

Jolin, already a mother of two, was no stranger to the realm of premature births. However, on that fateful day of February 15, 2023, her world was turned upside down when her water bag unexpectedly burst. The rush of water leaving her body left her mind in a haze, and she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

In the midst of extreme discomfort, Jolin found herself consumed by fear and plagued by thoughts of uncertainty. A test revealed that labor was imminent, and on February 16, 2023, she bravely underwent a natural birth.

Lebron nicu The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin
Lebron nicu2 1 The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin
Media logo 2 The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin

At a mere 28 weeks and 4 days, Jolin’s precious baby boy, Lebron, came into the world. Weighing a mere 1.3 kilograms, his tiny frame embodied both fragility and resilience.

Lebron was swiftly placed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where his fight for life began. It was Jolin’s first encounter with the NICU, and the very first time she had to endure separation from her child. Unable to touch or hold Lebron, Jolin was overcome with an indescribable sense of helplessness. The sight of numerous tubes and wires attached to her fragile baby only deepened her anguish.

As Jolin worried about Lebron’s survival, she faced insensitivity from others who made thoughtless comments. And on top of it all, she struggled to produce enough breast milk for her little one. Aware of the importance of breast milk for Lebron’s health and nourishment, Jolin mustered her strength and embarked on a high-protein, high-omega-3 diet to boost her milk production. We, as her support system, ensured a steady supply of 2NUTGUYS’ BoostMyMilk products through our weekly deliveries.

Media logo 1 The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin
Media logo The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin

In no time, Jolin’s milk stash grew, becoming a symbol of her unwavering dedication. For three long months, Jolin travelled back and forth from the hospital, seizing every precious moment she could spare to be by Lebron’s side and provide him with her precious milk. On a daily basis, Jolin embraced Kangaroo care to get skin-to-skin contact with Lebron and exposed Lebron to music therapy to improve his cognitive abilities. Every second felt like it could be their last, with Lebron experiencing moments of alarmingly low oxygen levels, prolonging his stay in the NICU. 

Finally, after three months of tireless care and satisfying Lebron’s insatiable appetite, Jolin received the news she had been longing for. On May 7, 2023, Lebron was discharged from the hospital.

Thanks to Jolin’s incredible breast milk and nurturing, Lebron’s growth was nothing short of miraculous. Let us take a moment to reflect on Lebron’s weight chart, a testament to his remarkable progress:

2ng story 1 The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin
2ng story 1 1 The incredible story of our dear friend Jolin

At 40 weeks, Lebron had grown to a healthy weight of 3.74 kilograms, gaining an astonishing 2.4 kilograms in just 12 weeks. His development thrived, and he was finally deemed ready to go home.

For 2NUTGUYS, we are eternally grateful for the trust Jolin placed in us and for allowing us to be a part of her awe-inspiring journey. It was a humbling experience to touch their hearts and realize the life-changing impact of what 2NUTGUYS provides.

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