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Gestational diabetes action: Singapore firm develops low sugar lactation support product range

Featured image blog post 4 Gestational diabetes action: Singapore firm develops low sugar lactation support product range
Screenshot 2023 05 26 at 1.48.05 PM Gestational diabetes action: Singapore firm develops low sugar lactation support product range

Original article by Nutraingredients, written by Tingmin Koe

Singapore maternal and infant nutrition firm 2NutGuys has developed a range of low sugar lactogenic products designed for women who are preventing or are suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

So far, the firm has developed three SKUs for this group of consumers, namely Roasted Almom Milk, Naked Nutmond Butter,
and Baby Nutmond Butter. A common ingredient used in these products are almonds, said to be lactogenic, while medjool dates instead of sugar are used to sweeten the products. One of the bestsellers, Roasted Almom Milk, has a total sugar content of 2.2g per 100g and saturated fat at one gram per 100 grams.

This is a grade B product based on Singapore’s Nutri-Grade system. Introduced last December, the system grades beverages
on a scale of A to D, with A the “healthiest” in terms of sugar and saturated fat content.

To qualify as grade B, sugar content could be higher than one gram but capped at five grams per 100ml. Saturated fat levels
must also be kept between 0.7 and 1.2 grams per 100ml.

The firm, founded in August 2021 by Lee Chee Leong and David Ho, ventured into the low sugar product range about a year

Speaking to NutraIngredients-Asia, Lee said that the decision was based on feedback received from the consumers.

“The mummies told us that they face the lack of good choices for lactation products, meaning products that are low in sugar or are sugarless.

“What they have been consuming are baked items that have got a lot of sugar inside, because sugar means calories and calories mean the boosting of milk production. They have been eating that and they suggested that we create something unique for them.”

He was initially sceptical of the consumers’ willingness in consuming low sugar products, but later realised that some were purchasing the products because they were diagnosed with GDM. “That’s when we realised we have forgotten about mummies with GDM and started co creating these products with them,” he recounted.

In Singapore, data has shown that about 15 to 20 per cent of all pregnancies are complicated by GDM. The condition usually starts in the second or third trimester and usually goes away after delivery. Lee explained that Roasted Almom Milk, made with over 20 per cent of almonds, was suitable for pregnant women with GDM by providing a high level of satiety. This reduces the amount of food and calorie intake, thereby controlling glucose level.

“We use almond nuts to solve hunger pangs, because nuts are very high in satiation, and so consumers don’t get hungry
easily. The product contains more than 20 per cent of almonds and so, it gives a lot of protein and nutrition,”
he said.

The other two products suitable for women with GDM are 1) Baby Nutmond Butter, which has a total sugar of 4.9g per 100g and is also suitable for weaning babies as a source of dietary omega-3, and 2) Naked Nutmond Butter, which has a total sugar of 3.1g per 100g.

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The firm decides on the sugar level by following the Healthier Choice Symbol guidelines.

The Healthier Choice Symbol is an initiative by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) to help consumers identify packaged food that are healthier.

“We conduct nutritional tests to decide the level of sugar that we want and make sure that it follows the Healthier Choice Symbol guidelines,” said Lee.

To enhance the taste of the low sugar products, almonds are roasted before they are made into different products, he added. Moving forward, the company plans to obtain the low glycaemic index (GI) logo to help consumers identify its low sugar SKUs. Aside from women with GDM, the firm has also developed products for three other groups of consumers, namely pregnant
women, lactating mothers, and mothers with toddlers.


Although the firm’s products are priced at the higher end, Lee noticed that the mummies are willing to spend so long as the products are effective. For example, its Roasted Almom Milk is sold at SGD$57.90 (US$42.80) for two 500ml bottles, while Baby Nutmond Butter and Naked Nutmond Butter are sold at SGD$29.90 (US$22.37) and SGD$21.90 (US$16.39) respectively per 220g jar.

“Mummies told me that they drink our almond milk for a purpose, which is to boost milk. We need to help them to boost milk and when it works, they will spend on the product even if it costs them 100 dollars. “Mummies will remember us i f we can give them a good pregnancy and nursing journey. The word-of-mouth endorsement will be very strong, and we can spend lesser on marketing,” Lee said.

New product, new facility

In terms of new product development, Lee said that the firm planned to create a variety of nuts-based products that mummies could consume as a set. For example, the firm’s Roasted Almom Milk could be consumed together with its other products known as Mummy’s Granola and Mummy’s Gelato.

The firm is also expanding to a new facility that is about 2.5 times bigger than the current facility on the back of growing sales. Between October 2022 and April this year, the firm had seen a 100 per cent growth in sales, Lee said. “The existing facility is running out of space, we will bring in new equipment, make more products, and we don’t intend to specialise in one single product,” he said.

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