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Here Are 7 Nutty Things You Need To Know About Lactation and Breast Milk-Boosting Products

Are nut butters the best and tastiest way to boost breast milk supply, and how do nuts help pregnant and lactating mums and even kids? Here are 7 things you need to know about using nuts as a healthful food supplement.

If you’ve been popping lactation cookies, brownies or even ice-cream in a bid to boost your breast milk supply after giving birth to your little one, or downing pills and supplements to up your output, here’s a healthier — and tastier — alternative to consider. You may have heard of nut butters being a legit option as a lactation-booster, or seen fellow mummies on social media gushing about 2NUTGUYS’ Mummy’s Nutmond Butter or Roasted Almom Milk.

Started by two Singaporean guys, one of whom saw his wife struggle to produce enough breast milk for their baby, 2NutGuys’ products have been popular with many breastfeeding mothers, who say their milk supplies were boosted after consuming their nutty goods. The Mummy’s Nutmond Butter, which went viral on Instagram a while back, is loved by mums, who spread it on bread, or use it as a topping with yoghurt or overnight oats.

Here are 7 interesting facts about nuts as a lactation booster and health booster.

#1: Nuts contain ingredients that can lead to increased breast milk production.

Nuts, especially almonds, walnuts and cashews, contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the body make serotonin, which is said to be an essential neurotransmitter for lactation. According to numerous pregnancy and newborn websites, consuming almonds and walnuts promotes milk secretion, and makes for a nutritious and natural snack that nourishes both mother and baby.

#2: Nut spreads are a healthier and less calorie-laden lactation snack than cookies and biscuits.

If you’re trying to shed some post-pregnancy weight, the last thing you need is to consume food high in sugar and calories. Enter nut butter spreads, which can be eaten with wholegrain bread and as a delish topper for yoghurt and overnight oats, either as breakfast or an afternoon snack. 

#3: You can start consuming delicious nutty products even before the baby arrives.

Nut products and nut spreads make for a nutritious and satisfying snack for expectant mothers, and 2NUTGUYS’ Preggy Series of products have nut butters, caramelised walnut and almond milk designed to provide tasty nutrition to pregnant mums, with nutrients, fibre, healthy fat and minerals. Nuts can also stave off hunger pangs and nausea in a healthier way. Walnuts especially, with their omega-3 fatty acids, have been said to be beneficial for baby’s brain development.

#4: You don’t have to be pregnant or nursing to enjoy nutty butters.

Daddies and kiddos, feel free to sneak a taste of mummy’s lactation nut spreads, as they’re delicious and nutritious for the whole fam bam. The butters are free of preservatives, MSG and colouring, and suitable for vegans. If the non-lactating members of the family would like their own even healthier version, try 2NUTGUYS’ Naked Nutmond Butter, a pure and sugar-free version of the popular Nutmond Butter that’s great for toddlers, kids, those watching their waistlines and expectant mums with gestational diabetes.

#5: Get an energy boost with nuts and enjoy other benefits too.

Being pregnant, or breastfeeding round the clock, along with the sleep deprivation of being a new mum, means your energy levels will take a beating. Nutrient-dense nuts provide tons of vitamins and minerals and will give you some much-needed bursts of energy, while replenishing some of the nutrients you need to grow a little life inside of you or provide nutritious breast milk for your little one. They also contain folate, which is essential for baby’s pre-natal and post-natal development, and is a rich source of Vitamin D, which promotes radiant skin and lustrous hair.

#6: It’s not just the amount of breast milk that can increase, it’s the quality, too.

According to the guys at 2NUTGUYS, more than 40% of the lactating mums who have tried their products experienced an increase in milk supply and enhancement in milk quality. Some reported thicker and creamier milk in the first few days of trying nut butters.

#7: Don’t like eating nutty products? You can drink it as well. 

Thirst-quenching nut milk? You betcha. 2NUTGUYS’ Fresh Roasted Almond Milk is so deliciously popular there’s a backlog at the moment, so order early. The result of several months of R&D, this lactation-boosting milk contains no sugar or preservatives and is made with roasted almonds, sea salt and Medjool dates.

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