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Day 2 of taking the Roasted Almom Milk, Mummy’s Nutmond Butter and Mummy’s Walnuts and we yielded close to 190ml from a regular three-hourly pump session. This is approximately 40ml up from my usual volume!


So over the course of 5 days, my milk has definitely become much creamier, which is great because I’ve always been an oversupplier anyways. Creamy milk = chubby babies!


Personally, I find my milk got thickened up and can last baby longer!

Yu Zhu

Bought this almond nut butter for the first time last week and it was so so so good and yummy. Barely a week, I’m halfway through the jar and of course, it has helped me to boost my supply by about 20-30ml each pump and produce more creamy milk. my staple breakfast every morning for the past week and not getting sick of it! Thumbs up!


Used to take at least 25 mins to pump 60-80ml. This morning, both boobs are so full that I took only 10 mins to provide a yield of 110ml even after feeding an hour ago.


After consuming your nut products, my little milk monster appears satisfied and content after each feed. My milk supply also increased by 10-20ml when I pump.


All I can say is that this Best of 3 Worlds are awesome! Results were proven and I’m now a happy milking Mama!

Chloe Teoh

I’ve never had this good Roasted Almom Milk!
After eating the second day, the milk volume and thickness surprised me! I’m really happy and thank my friend for introducing 2nutguys, I can give my baby enough milk to drink.

3 worlds Best of 3 Worlds

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