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I became low supply when my baby sleep for longer stretch. I become very anxious when my per pump yield is only about 70ml. I drink a cup of the almond milk every morning for 2 weeks now. My yield is about 140ml even when I am having menses

LS — verified owner

Yes this definitely works! My breastmilk has become creamier and there’s an increase of about 40ml-60ml! That’s why I have been continuing my almond milk subscription ever since! I used to eat lactation cookies and I felt so guilty eating them! With almond milk, completely guilt-free!


It definitely has helped! I felt it’s been increasing the fat content of the breastmilk and reducing the amount of formula top-up for my baby. I have a tendency to skip meals or have late meals, so the almond milk serves as a replacement meal for me. This is super helpful!


Know them through baby fair and decided to try ordering after giving birth and worrying about my milk supply. Definitely did boost & maintain the quantity and quality of my milk! My baby is gaining weight well haha. Love the taste of this too. Very gao


After trying sooo many lactation goods. I finally found THE ONE! Finally something can help me boost my milk quality.

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